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Lasering and skin rejuvenation all in one device, pampering yourself has never been this easy. Leave your skin feeling softer and smoother after every session, all at the click of a button….literally! That is where it all began…..

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Zumayna Kathrada Founder of J'taime Skin Co

A qualified beautician, started her small business in Klerksdorp in the North West Province in the comfort of her home in the midst of a pandemic. Is was initially just a small business planning to be resellers of an existing brand. She then learnt that being a reseller has its disadvantages.
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She decided to start sourcing her own products direct from factories, it all started with one device, which has now built into many different devices and products and has reached far and wide with all its loyal clients.

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After sleepless nights put into marketing J’taime Skin Co products. It finally has received the love and recognition it deserves.

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J’Taime Skin Co is now using this platform to present products that we believe could change your life. So why wait any longer? Give J’Taime Skin Co devices a shot and let the results do the talking! We Have IPL Laser Handsets, Steam Straighteners, Massagers, Facial Masks, Airwrap Stylers, and many more.

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We are also open to any questions that you may have, we simply love staying in touch with our clients.

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